You Can Enjoy Things Without Buying Them

I am someone who has learnt to be a lot more cautious with money, with thanks to realising that I don’t have to have everything. The list of what I used to spend my money on was endless, but I’d say the top two things were books/magazines and make-up.

I would buy make-up I seen in tutorials or on Instagram, that I would never ever wear, it was just pretty. “I will wear it at some point”, I would say after placing my third BeautyBay order that week. Or the same with print magazines and books, I would buy them, read them once and not look at them again. “I might wish I kept it in ten years time” I said to myself as I stacked up mountains of books on my bedroom floor.

Both of which were expensive (the books I were buying ranged from £5-£40) and were not being USED.

This expensive habit used to partake in me buying a lot of stuff that was literally, just ‘stuff’. It took a good looking at my bank statement and my bedroom to realise that it was all unnecessary.

Since stopping spending all this money on useless stuff, I have not missed out one bit. For the most part, books and editorials can all be found for free online. Pinterest is literally my best friend. I now only buy the things that make me feel something, for example British Girls magazine by Anya Holdstock.

And I still enjoy make-up. Just on other people. I have my own set routine, I know exactly which products I like, work for me, and that I’ll use. But I can continue to enjoy the stuff I used to buy on other people.

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