Should We Do Jobs We Don’t Enjoy?

I was recently inspired by a quote I heard by one of my favourite YouTubers, being ‘no job is beneath you‘. I have personally worked numerous jobs that I haven’t enjoyed, spending my time thinking I could be doing better.. but could I?

We all start somewhere. I have always been one to preach that you should never do things you don’t like, life is too short. However, after giving it some thought, I disagree. I think we should all do a job we primarily think is ‘beneath’ us or not good enough at some point, and here’s why.


To a certain extent, doing jobs we aren’t fond of benefits us from WITHIN, humbling us. In addition to giving us the opportunity to relate and empathise with the people who may see no way out of the given job, or even those who chose to work there. I believe it can shape the way we behave and respect certain workers, especially those in all forms of customer service that we interact with almost daily – I think anyone who has worked in hospitality or retail will at some point or other think everyone should experience the job at least once in their life.

Not to mention, doing jobs we don’t enjoy motivates us. Most of the time, it will give us a chance to reflect on what we don’t like, so we can do what we DO like. Working an ‘okay’ job is fine, but the likelihood of getting comfortable and halting your growth is much higher.

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