How to Make a Vision Board That Works

“A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal”

Vision boards work, first and foremost, if they’re created correctly. There are generally no right or wrongs but the common mistake made when people make them and then complain that they don’t work, is that they don’t really CARE about the content they’re sticking down.

To ensure the vision board you make works, you must feel emotion to every quote or image you apply. If this means going out of your way to buy further magazines, or printing things out, then so be it. Make sure you feel connected to something before you even think about cutting it out.

What You Will Need

Scissors, mount/foam board, glue stick, magazines

Set the mood to whatever makes you feel most happy and inspired, whether thats doing it in a certain place, playing a certain music, lighting candles. Aim to do it in environment where you won’t be distracted.

There is no rules to how many pictures you use, how big or small, I just recommend following the advice of being emotionally tied to everything you use. You have to really want these things for it to work. I don’t recommend looking at tons of other peoples vision boards because it’s likely it will alter your own. Don’t add destinations/material objects just because that’s what other people want. If your vision board looks different from any you’ve seen, even better.

How often do I need to look at my vision board?

As often or as little as you like, whenever you feel like it. Just get it done, and if you want to put it away somewhere then that’s okay too.


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