How I Got Glossier To The UK

I’ll save everyone the talk of how much I love Glossier products and tell you what you’re all here for.

How Did I Get Glossier To The UK When They Do Not Ship Here?

A company called BorderLinx. You set up an account and they will give you a P.O box address, in which you enter when you enter your delivery address at the check out of Glossier. Your package gets delivered to your BorderLinx P.O box and gets delivered to you, once you have paid the determined fee when it arrives to your P.O box online, which is calculated by the size and weight of the box.

It took around 4 days for Glossier to ship to the BorderLinx P.O box in the US and from there, only 2 days to my house in the UK.

What Did I Buy?

I bought the Phase 1 Set, Boy Brow in Medium, and the Terry Headband. I 100% recommend Balm Dot Com, which you can purchase on Net-A-Porter, and Boy Brow which has changed my eyebrow game completely. I have also used the Milky Jelly Cleanser every single day since purchasing, it’s amazing for dry, sensitive skin – I use it after removing my make up as my final cleanse.

How Much Did It Cost?

My package, with first class delivery and a 10% off coupon, cost me £55. Yes, it’s pricey but I have no regrets and I am almost considering placing another order, however if you can wait, UK delivery will be announced at some point this year – see here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 19.30.37.jpg

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