A 5 Minute Daily Habit to Improve Your Mood, Fitness & Posture

I discovered this whilst suffering with sciatica a few months back. I couldn’t physically get myself out of my bed, and it was a real nudge to get my fitness somewhere on track alongside my posture.

It’s no hidden secret that I’ve discovered, however it was hidden to me how different and rejuvenated I could feel after this. Try this, three mornings in a row (aim for mornings as it sets you up for the day), and I guarantee you will feel somewhat better physically and mentally.

1.) Spend two minutes stretching as many limbs as you can

Everything, from your neck, to your thighs to your back. I don’t think I need to explain how to stretch, just practise a variety yourself and hold each for around ten seconds.

2.) Practise 3 yoga poses

Any! It makes no difference. I recommend downwards dog for at least one of them.  Hold each for 30 seconds. If you feel like it, add 30 seconds of a miniture work out, like holding a 30 second plank or running on the spot for 30 seconds.

3.) Stretch again

Do what you did in the first two minutes, or anything you feel like needs to be stretched.


I like to do this every morning, alongside the 7 minute work out app and drinking water (I like mine hot with a slice of lemon). I have noticed a huge difference in my posture, stamina and mood. Obviously, you can make this intense as you want, and it really doesn’t have to take more than 15 minutes, but it’s definitely worth it.

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