4 Steps to Help You Become A Morning Person

“cut off the puttering, go to bed earlier, wake up earlier and turn unproductive evening hours into productive morning hour” – Laura Vanderkam


1.) Realise the potential of mornings … you have to WANT to get up. Begin a routine, figure out what’s best for you. What do you not have time for in your day-to-day routine already? For example, exercise. An article I read pointed out – there’s always a good reason to miss a 4pm work out, but much less a 5:30am one.

2.) Get things done the night before … set out your clothes and pack your bag for the day before you go to sleep. Make sure your room is tidy. The less clutter, the less crowded your thoughts will be the minute you wake up, making getting up earlier an easier task.

3.) Don’t set 5 alarms for one every minute and don’t press the snooze button … one alarm is enough, and get up the second it goes off. Whether you go and get a cup of tea or you get straight to work, discipline yourself. Plus, pressing the snooze button will increase how tired you were in the first place.

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