3 Ways To Make You Feel Confident Having Your Photo Taken

Before starting to blog and photograph my outfits, I would not let anyone take my photo – ever. Not at a family event, not with friends, it’s beside me why I was so scared of the camera, when now, a second thought rarely crosses my mind when I have someone take a photo of me. I thought I’d talk about this for those who feel anxious in front of the camera or want some tips to help have better photographs of yourself.

1 > Find some inspirational poses

For a lot of people, they simply don’t know what to do when having their photo took. Unless you want to go for off guard pictures which can look great too, a good option is to find some outfit posts that bloggers have created and see which poses and photos stand out to you. You don’t need to copy the whole photo, but keep the poses in mind when having your picture taken. Alternatively, this is a great YouTube video to get you started.

2 > Fix your posture

If your posture is already good, skip this step. If it’s not, all you need to do is imagine someone is pulling a string from the top of your head; your shoulders should push back and your back should straighten. You’ll instantly look and feel more confident.

3 > Trust your photographer

Whether your photographer is professional or a friend, establish a connection with them so they can help you look your best. Most of the time they will give you direction anyway, but if not, don’t be afraid to ask them what’s looking good and what isn’t. After all, the worst that’ll happen is that you dislike the photo, in which you can ask them to delete it, or just move on. Surely you want to have photos to look back on in 10 years time? Learn to accept that all photo’s will not come out 100% to your liking, but the more you get, the more you’ll learn to love them.

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