Christmas Decor Inspiration

Fashion December 7, 2016

For all those who are lucky enough to have their own places to decorate for Christmas, here are a few decoration ideas that are timeless and chic, fitting into any homes. The key to avoid tackiness over the holidays is avoid tinsel, excessive glitter, white christmas tree’s and ott decorations. It’s as simple at that.

The photo on the left is the perfect example of a classic, Scandinavian Christmas (I don’t know if it is actually Scandinavian but it looks it). Everything is kept minimal but intricate details add extra festivity with the branch hovered over the table with baubles and tiny lights, and my favourite; the fur scattered over the chairs (faux I hope). It looks so cosy but not too much. Juxtaposed to the photo on the right, where yes there’s alot going on but no it’s not tacky. This is a photo from Laura Ashley so ignore the items all over the table; I just love all the candles adding a festive warmth to the room.


The imagery above is the perfect example of a classic, traditional Christmas looking chic. I love the ideas of fairy lights in jars with the pinecones especially and this is a great idea if you don’t have a living room to decorate as these would be a lovely touch to a normal bedroom. I also love the colour scheme of the living room with the neutral bauble and wrapped presents.

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