6 Ways to Get Inspired

Fashion November 25, 2016

Whether you’re in a creative rut and you are out of inspiration or you’re looking to start something from scratch, it’s important to find new and exciting things. They motivate us, make us happier, and increase productivity and creativity.

Feel free to skip this bit if you already know what you’re looking for, but if you don’t, and you’re one of those people who are unsure about their interests, I highly suggest making a Pinterest account.

I admit that this is most useful to those who are more creative, but make an account anyway, and browse the hell out of it until you find something that interests you, whether it be cars, architecture, beauty, cooking, the list goes on but you get the gist. Here is where I would start, then from here, develop it more. Find some primary websites and YouTube channels to inspire you further.

And when you feel like you have rinsed absolutely everything and you don’t know where to look for inspiration; I’m here to help you.

1.) Go outside

Go to stores (even if you don’t buy anything), events, galleries, locations, and try your best to meet people if you can. If you don’t then that’s fine, but take something from these experiences and research anything you find interesting.


2.) Talk to people

Open your eyes. You can draw inspiration from the slightest thing so focus on what you’re surrounding yourself day to day with and how its influencing you.


3.) Get lost in a bookshop

(Again, even if you don’t buy anything) or a library if you can get to one that’s good. Skim through books and any pages you find interesting (or people, pictures, etc), scan it and store it as a file on your laptop, print it, or add it to a Pinterest board which I find is the easiest way to organise.

4.) Find new websites.

There’s alot of obvious ones that I bet you haven’t even checked out before. I’m gonna list a ton of my favourites towards the end of this post – the majority will be creative sites as I can’t recommend ones I do not use. But there’s plenty out there.

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 18.38.31.jpg

5.) Use social media to your advantage.

Take Instagram, only follow pages that inspire you. Yes, be harsh and unfollow all of those random people who you don’t care about, because believe it or not they do impact you if you’re using social media frequently. Collate your homepage so that everyone you follow is relevant to you. Done that already? Find more Instagrams, use the explore/liked page to find new images and accounts, click on some of your favourite profiles and find similar accounts in the drop bar. Another thing I like to do, is find images I really like and click on all the tagged pages (for example, if the picture is from a photoshoot, I will click on the model, photographer, stylist, assistant, etc or if it’s of a place, I will follow through again to find the photographer, location, etc). This is relevant to all sectors.

6.) Go magazine shopping – PRINT IS NOT DEAD!

Ignore all the popular ones you already know about – it’s likely that they have little to offer if you’re not feeling inspired. Take a trip to WhSmiths or a good newsagents, if you’re able to get to London I really recommend Wardour News on Wardour Street. This is the holy grail of magazine shops and honestly, hands down one of my favourite stores in London full stop. This is probably most relevant to you if you’re interested in art, fashion and interior. They have so much in here and take pride in stocking smaller publications too, so you can get your hands on some real gems in here. However, I understand this isn’t possible for everyone, so an online store I recommend is http://www.newsstand.co.uk. This is great and stock a lot of the same magazines, although I admit it’s not quite the same as being able to flick through the physical copy. Again, like websites, I’ll list some of my favourite magazines below.


  • BoF
  • The Fashion Law
  • Man Repeller
  • Refinery 29
  • Dezeen
  • Architectural Digest
  • Oracle Fox
  • Wired


  • ID
  • 1 Granary
  • The Gentlewoman
  • System
  • Sum Zine
  • Sporty & Rich
  • Dazed & Confused
  • British Girls
  • Marfa Journal
  • Tank
  • Purple
  • Suke Ban
  • Blueprint
  • The Japan Architect
  • Surface
  • Self Service
  • Wallpaper
  • Apartamento
  • Sleeper
  • Mondo Arc
  • The World of Interiors

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