4 Reasons Why British Girls Is My Favourite Magazine of 2016

Fashion November 14, 2016

So I’m in Wardour News (again), looking for a new small publication to delve into. I have about 6 in my hand, but I’m still pacing up and down the shop, looking for more. I’ve been in here for about half an hour by this point. I only wanted to buy one, because despite how much I love print, I’m trying not to own too many things, therefore I’m insuring the things I own are really good.

Somewhere in my arm full of magazines, lies British Girls. I haven’t even looked through it yet, however I picked it up for the cover of Matilda Lowther in Phillip Lim; which spoke to me immediately. I’m nearly there, skimming through the magazines in my arm and slowly putting the ones I was unsure of back on the shelves. And then I got to it – British Girls.


I was left holding two magazines, so I skimmed through British Girls first. Now this might sound extreme, but I literally could feel it in my heart that I needed this magazine. I hadn’t even read anything, but each editorial was put together perfectly. I had never seen anything like it. British Girls isn’t very wordy, which had its pros and cons next to the other magazine I was holding (I can’t even remember the name) which had tons of interesting interviews.. but for some reason it was still abit.. eh. I knew I needed British Girls.

On the train home, I sat it on my lap and had another skim through before I would read it again at home. I felt so happy and inspired by my purchase, the first thing I did was find out who the photographer was; Anya Holdstock, who also curates the whole magazine.

The whole idea of British Girls is..

“An insider’s documentary of contemporary talent in the British fashion industry. A demonstration of attitude, confidence and pride that defines models from Britain.”

The articles in the magazine mainly talk about the shoots, with a section in the middle dedicated to interviews with models. From what I’ve gathered, the models aren’t huge names yet (for me; I hadn’t heard of many of them before), which gives the whole magazine a really relaxed, effortless feel.

Without further ado, here’s 4 reasons why British Girls is my favourite magazine of 2016.

1.) It’s contemporary, classic and carefully constructed. Whilst remaining effortless.

If you weren’t interested in fashion or design, it would be likely you would think a magazine like this would be easy to create. However it’s quite the opposite. Despite the simplicity, attention to detail has been applied every step of the way to create an enduring masterpiece.

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 14.23.50.jpg

2.) The models

Each model carries a soft, natural look. The make-up artists have managed a beautiful ‘no make-up make-up look’ with ungroomed eyebrows, dewy skin and neutral eyelids. Even the shoot with Primrose with graphic liner and intricate details continues to look natural and untouched with what looks like no other make-up on.

3.) It features some of the most timeless looks and shoots. You won’t ever outgrow this.

With the look of the models in addition to the styling and set design, Anya photographs in a way many photographers struggle to master. The shoots look up to date, but I know that for me, they will still be relevant in ten years time.


4.) The understated graphic layout.

The magazine in entirety withholds a neutral colour scheme with small hints of colour, in addition to minimalistic fonts. The placement of texts and photos balance out the white space and enhance readability and make the magazine really easy to follow. Like everything else, the design is ageless and elegant.

This is only the second issue of British Girls and I somehow need to get my hands on the first. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend checking it out. You can buy it online here.


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