The Wing, NYC – October Interiors

Interior October 26, 2016

“The Wing is a home base for women – a work and social space designed for convenience and connection.”  –


So – I planned to do a sum up of my favourite interiors I’ve found in October (there’s been sooo many), until I stumbled upon The Wing, NYC. This needed a whole post.

In short, The Wing opened on 10 October 2016 – a women’s social club that encompasses somewhere to read, answer emails, do your hair and make-up, eat.. or just chill.

Membership is $1950 annually, which is a lot to me however I have no idea at all how much social clubs like this cost generally. Aside from the price, you have to apply and be accepted to be able to join. And you have to be female.

The Wing’s website describes the set up as:

“Your throne away from home; a sacred space where you can work, get to inbox zero, shower, get a blow-out, store your stuff, take a conference call, make a new friend, or even stage a small coup. All in one place.”

Taking up space can be a profound act in a society where men have the power and the prestige. At The Wing, all the rules are written by women.

The Wing was inspired by a particularly low moment in our founder’s life; she found herself in a dimly lit coffee shop bathroom, frantically hopping around on one foot trying to change into heels without touching the floor. Her phone was at 2% and she was twenty minutes late for her next meeting.

There wasn’t anything out there that satisfied her need for flexible space with chill company. She tried co-working spaces and felt surrounded by bros. She visited social clubs and felt like she was trapped in BBC Masterpiece Theater. This magical place simply didn’t exist. So we created it.

The Wing is a home base for women on their way. It’s an offline destination for women to build essential relationships, hatch plans and you know… run the world, together.”


Yeah, it sounds amazing, but it looks even better. Here’s a selection of all the best photos I could find of this amazing dream place.





The Wing, Nyc

Branding The Wing, A New Social Club For Women Only – Co. Design


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