Crepe City 22/10/2016

Fashion October 24, 2016


22 OCTOBER 2016

Another Crepe City, it’s always a good day whether you’re there to buy something or for the atmosphere generally.

The event generally caters much more to mens sizes unfortunately (in regards to the stuff I reaaallllly want to buy) so unfortunately, I left with a few clothing pieces but no trainers. Also, because we were so busy I completely forgot to take a photo of my outfit, however there’s a few detail shots of my bag and shoes on my Instagram so feel free to check them out.

One of my favourite bits of the day is seeing what everyone’s wearing so I took a couple of pictures of which are included below, however a lot of them turned out really bad when I looked after, which was probably because a.) the lighting was not great and b.) every single time I tried to take a photo, people would walk infront of me because it was so bloody busy.

Regardless, I’d recommend this event to everyone interested and hopefully next time I’ll be vlogging the whole thing..

Crepe City jacket and the legendary Atmos Safari 95’s


The dreamiest trousers ever, seen on Yasmine Easton



Would this be a real post of mine if there wasn’t a zoomed in shot of Reece’s face?? Wearing Supreme Skate Hi’s from 2004


Overpriced Gucci tees and Holy Harris, the man himself



Wearing Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1’s

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