A Guide to Selling Online

Fashion October 6, 2016

In no way am I an expert but Depop’s an app that I love and use everyday for selling and buying.

I’ve used the app for over two years now and feel like I’m in a good position to give some key advice on how to make a good amount of extra money from Depop, especially students or those only working part-time as it’s totally flexible and you don’t even have to leave your bed.

The following tips will be most helpful to you if you either haven’t started, or have – but none of your items are doing so well.

1.) Pictures are everything

It’s dependent on what you’re selling on how you promote you product via images, but whatever you’re selling, the pictures are THE highest factor that contributes to buyers becoming interesting and buying your items.

Make sure all photos are in natural daylight and either hung up or being tried on. Don’t, for the life of you, take those dodgy dim lit, blurry bedroom shots where you’ve just placed your clothing on your bed. Ideally, you should have a photo of you wearing it (and take time to style the item so it looks desirable), and a few photos of the garment off, hung up (focus on front, back, labels, and if there are any faults you MUST photograph them). If it’s shoes, make sure they’re clean and either in the box or positioned professionally to photograph.

Other objects are slightly different but try to photograph them in a plain setting with natural daylight.

2.) Focus on the captions

Include as much detail as you possibly can to avoid time wasters in your dms.. aka the most annoying thing ever. Include measurements, how it fits (if its clothing or shoes), materials, any faults, the condition, anything you can think of.

If it’s clothing and you’ve included a photo of it on yourself or a model, include the relevant sizes so buyers will know how it fits for reference.

And by all means do not, I beg you do not, add stupid tags to get people to see your products (they go something like this – “not supreme, patta, nike, carhartt” etc.) It’s annoying for everyone.

3.) Use networking to your advantage

Don’t just use Depop to sell, use it to buy. The amount of bargains I’ve got from Depop, whether it be luxury, vintage finds or garments from fast fashion stores that I don’t want to buy from. And the more you buy – the more you sell. Here’s how.

I use Depop all the time, to search for things I want or to see how much certain things are selling for, therefore I end up ‘liking’ a lot. Not for the sake of it, it’s all stuff I genuinely like. However the more you like, the more your name appears on peoples feeds, the more engagement and profile clicks you get – resulting in purchases.

And this works. There’s been so many times where I’ve liked someones product and they’ve clicked through to my profile and ended buying something for themselves, some of them have even ended up buying things twice.

Please note – don’t go and like a bunch of stuff in the hope you’ll get views. Just be consistently active when using the app and you are bound to increase your audience and sell more.

4.) Reply to all messages, even if its the dreaded ‘swaps?’

Yes, even “swaps?”. Because you’ll find that a lot of the time, if you say no they will still be interested and may buy anyway.

You’re obviously going to get some stupid messages with ridiculous offers, questions that are clearly already answered in the description and so on, but just reply. If buyers know you’re active, they’ll have no hesitation when asking questions or buying your products.

But make sure that even if the questions are the stupidest things you’ve ever read, don’t be rude. It’s really unnecessary and who the hell would want to buy anything anyway from a rude seller.

Also, keep in contact with the buyer during and after the transaction. Don’t bombard them with messages but let them know when and how it was sent, ask if they will message you when it arrives and be sure to ask if they like it. This will all help contribute to my next point.

5.) Build up good feedback

If a product on Depop I want is from a seller with 0 feedback, I will not buy. There are so many scammers on Depop it’s unreal, so everyone has to be wary. Which is why it’s important to build yours up by either selling or buying.

The biggest mistake I’ve made on Depop is doing transactions through Paypal and bank transfers to avoid fees and in turn, receiving no feedback. I must have sold around 150+ items whilst using the app, but I only have around 60 reviews on my feedback tab, which still isn’t bad, but obviously 150 sounds much more trustworthy.

If you want to sell and save fees, by all means use your bank or PayPal but create a £1 listing for the product and ask the buyer to buy it so you can leave each other feedback. This will build up your credibility and make buyers more inclined to purchase from you.

This is a completely foolproof way to earn some extra money and it takes little effort, just precision and keeping track of making sure you’re doing everything properly in order to sell.

Visit the Depop site here or visit my personal Depop account here, where I regularly sell a range from clothing to footwear.

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