Reece’s 19th in London

Fashion October 3, 2016



On Friday, we arrived and went to The Gallery, Sketch, which I’m sure most of you have heard of, if not seen. If it rings any bells, its the 80’s, baby pink, dim lit restaurant in Central, with art plastered around the walls and rose gold decorating the beautiful space.

I’ve visited before and had the afternoon tea which I do not recommend (unless you like eating caviar and cucumber sandwiches), however the food this time was amazing. We opted for a whole duck which was served as two mains to us, the meals were different to anything I’ve ever tried but so lovely. Anyway, I think this restaurant could serve me dog food and I’d still return. It makes me so happy being here and if you haven’t been you must go for the experience – there’s nothing like it.

Please do not mind my creased trousers. I promise they did not look like this when I left however after sitting down for hours, they took a turn for the worst and I forgot to photograph my outfit before we left. If anyone’s wondering, the trousers are mens Margiela, just tailored to fit me.




On the Saturday, we wandered around some markets near our hotel which was on Shoreditch and had a wander around East London, mostly thrifting.

It just so happened that we had both planned to wear our Dave White 95’s on this day so we spent the whole day walking in shame. I’m still embarrassed.



On our last day, we chilled, visited DSM and the ICONIC newsagents on Wardour Street. We also popped into a few other shops on our travels.. I picked up some 60’s white, 100% wool trousers which Reece found for me and about £100 worth of books (I’m thrilling). Reece got some Levis, a Patta x Carhartt beanie.. and his body weight in Supreme. Obviously.

We planned to go to a Classic Car Boot (my absolute dream) by Kings Cross but unfortunately the weather wasn’t great so we had to give it a miss. Then we completely missed our train and ended up getting home about 5 hours later than planned. OH well.



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