Sporty & Rich Issue no. 1 – Review

Fashion September 12, 2016

Buy Sporty & Rich Issue no. 1 here.

Before buying Sporty & Rich Issue no. 1, I must’ve searched through the entire internet to find a review that would help me justify the obnoxious shipping cost of $40 to the UK, however I found nothing, other than interviews and articles on Oberg herself, without any real special insights or opinions. After waiting since May for reviews or the shipping price to drop, I couldn’t hold on longer and caved in to buying the $18 magazine. So without further ado, I’m going to put together a mini review of the beautifully curated art project, to give you an idea of what it’s all about.

If you have no idea what Sporty & Rich is, it’s a brand created by Emily Oberg, NY Editorial Producer for Complex Magazine. It serves as a balance of timeless luxury, sneakers, art and everything in between, and in May 2016, the first tangible project of the brand was released, being Issue no.1 of Sporty & Rich. Around 120 pages long, you can expect iconic, hip hop editorial shots from photographer, Chi Modu, an interview with Jean-Michel Basquiat’s former girlfriend, Suzanne Mallouk and an exclusive shoot where Oberg has styled her brands garments.


IMO, Sporty & Rich all round is something that women, especially, have needed for a while. It’s clear even from the brands Instagram (@sportyandrich), that the focus on femininity is hugely important, so therefore is a running theme throughout the printed project. For HypeBae, Oberg talks about this a little more.

You mentioned it’s more female-centric. Your background targets a relatively male-focused space, so why the change of demographics?

Because the majority of my audience is male, I wanted to cater to the females out there, the ones who have always shown me love and who share the same taste. There is not a lot of female-driven content in streetwear, and I think it’s important that there is something out there for girls who are into sneakers and rap music. The content caters to both genders though, I don’t want to exclude anyone so I’d like to think of it as a genderless and ageless magazine. There’s something in it for everyone.

Wonderfully put together from Obergs unique perspective, this magazine is a must buy for anyone with a similar timeless taste who’s looking for a cool source of inspiration, in terms of photography, typography, graphic layout, style, interior… I could go on. I hope in future issues to read more interviews and articles from interesting people, alongside some more architectural and interior shots.


For anyone wondering, it took around 3 business days to arrive to the UK and was delivered by UPS (classed as a large letter, so it doesn’t need to be signed for). Don’t expect anything large and thick in terms of size, it’s quite small; around a5 size – however don’t let that disappoint you as you can rest assured that the content of the issue is so carefully put together that each page is completely worth it.


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